This is the main landing page for Ron Santini Photography. Here you will see a featured photograph. This photograph changes on periodic schedule.

To navigate to any page from this home page, select the specific page from the top menu button. You will be directed to that page. These menu buttons appear at the top of every page.


To review pictures just click on “Photographs” on the top menu ribbon. A drop down list appears giving you choices of Collections, Featured and Recently Added.

Collections: Collections are locations were pictures are stored. Clicking on Collections takes you to the Collection Folders. To view the contents of a folder, click on a folder and it will open. If there are subfolders in the collection, choose the folder you want to view by clicking on it. If there are no folders, just pictures will appear.

Viewing Pictures: By clicking on a picture thumbnail the larger version of the picture will open. From here you can select Slideshow View using the Slideshow button at top right or scroll through the pictures individually by either clicking on the > Button or clicking on a photograph in the right picture grid. 

Purchasing Pictures: To purchase a picture select the Buy Button top right, or clicking on the Featured Product along the right column and follow the purchase process. Once processed your pictures will be delivered to your address with 3-5 business days. NOTE: AT THE PRESENT TIME ONLINE PURCHASING IS DISABLED. IF YOU NEED TO ORDER A PRINT, EMAIL ME AT rsantini527@gmail.com WITH THE PHOTO/S YOU WANT TO PURCHASE. I WILL THEN CONTACT YOU WITH PRICING AND DELIVERY.


Guestbook Navigation: From any page select Guestbook from the menu ribbon. This will take you to the Guestbook Page where you can comments. To add a comment, click the Add Entry button. A window will open where you can add your comments. Select whether you want the comment to be displayed for the public to see it or private only visible to the guestbook owner. Once finished adding comments, click on Add Entry to save it.


The Blog page is where I will enter information about photographs have I have posted, stories around the photos or general interest photography information.

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The About Page gives you information about me.

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This page has information about contacting me and allows you to send me an email message.

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